Monday, September 26, 2011

The Big Apple's Finest

Whenever I travel, I always need directions to somewhere, so I am forever looking for a police officer to tell me where to go, and that was just the case when I was in New York City. I walked for blocks looking for the headquarters of UNICEF. Then I spotted Rami (holding me) and his partner, Ryan. They made me laugh, they told funny stories, and they also pointed me in the right direction!

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RinRin said...

Hi,I am a woman who got Rex The Surf Dog T-shirt from you at Haleiwa Farmers' Market couple weeks ago.
My handle name is RinRin.I want to let you know that I wrote the cheering blog for Rex the Surf Dog on my website.
You can see from there;
I know you have some Japanese friends, hope someone would translate for you.