Friday, November 16, 2007

Visitors from the West Coast

These young girls from San Clemente, California, are visiting the North Shore.  They over-heard me talking to some friends at Cholos, a Mexican restaurant, in my hometown, Haleiwa.
They fell in love with me and were delighted when I asked them if they wanted to be in a Surf Dog photo op.  From left to right they are, Juliet, Sorelle, and Kandis.  They love to read so they appreciated my mission of "promoting literacy in children of all ages."

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Anonymous said...

hi this is kandis. I am 8 years old and i love surfdog. he makes me want to live on the north shore. i want my mom to make me a surfdog. Surfdog is sooooo cool. He makes me want to read more of my book. The book that i am reading The Tale of Despereax taught me a lesson. it dose not matter what you look matters what you do in life. Well tell surfdog hi for me.