Sunday, January 13, 2008

Please Come to My Birthday Party!!

I'll be one year old next Saturday, January 19th. Jeanne Vana (above) owner of Big Wave Tomatoes is having a celebration for me. She knows I like to eat healthfully so she'll be serving complimentary "tomato cakes" at her stand at the farmer's market at Kapiolani Community College. She grows the best tomatoes and makes her own mozzarella cheese and pesto sauce!! Yummmmmmm!
I'll also be handing out free bookmarks! Please come celebrate with me!
A factoid for you: there are over 7,000 varieties (kinds) of tomatoes in the world!

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Leslie said...

Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for turning me on to Surf Dog. Travis and I will try to make it to his birthday bash on Saturday. Always great to have your yummy tomatoes!
P.S. The fresh pasta and pesto were so delicious, Travis & I were glad we didn't have ot share with dad and bro.
Aloha and Thanks,