Thursday, June 21, 2007

Building Materials

On the way back down the mountain into Santa Fe, we passed an adobe house being built. I thought you might like to see some of the natural resources used to construct a desert home.


Anonymous said...

Dear Surfer Dog...
It sure would be great to see
how that house looks once it is
HeH! I have a very important
question of you, Mr. Surfer Doggie....
What does the word "cowabunga"
really meam??? I figure you should
know since it involves another
animal.... a cow!!!
Thanks!!! I will be awaiting
your reply..
P.S. glad to see you're all
away from that hot train - hope
the next leg of your journey is
more comfortable!!
Sincerely, Surf bunny.

Rex the Surf Dog Sunset Beach said...

Surf Bunny,

I'm glad I'm out of that hot train also.
"Cowabunga means" "Yahoo" in Surf Lingo.

Thanks for writing me.
Surf Dog