Sunday, January 3, 2010

......And Something to Eat After the Show

I made some new friends, as usual, as I was having my morning meal near Waikiki. Jenn, a librarian at Hawaii Pacific University, and Ritch, her husband, the Registrar there, were having breakfast at "Bogart's". It's my favorite breakfast place in town (Honolulu).
Come and try their healthy, delicious waffles or omeletes or fresh fruit. The restaurant is located at the base of Diamond Head at 3045 Monsarrat Avenue, just up from the zoo.

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DELibrarian said...

We loved meeting you Surf Dog! We didn't have a clue about all your great work with literacy on the North Shore--now we are ready to help spread the word wherever we can! woo-HOO! Can't wait to tune into DJane on Friday.....