Sunday, July 22, 2007

Heading Home by Way of Chicago

We caught the train out of Pittsburg the night before and made it to Chicago in about ten hours. It sure was fun sleeping on the train, but sometimes it was a little bouncy, especially when riding on the top bunk, and guess where I was riding?
We were so lucky to have arrived in Chicago in the morning. We had about four hours to explore the city before our train departed for the West Coast. By chance, there was a big feasting event going on in the town. It was called "A Taste of Chicago."
Lots of restaurants had set up booths and were selling food and drinks.
The city provided free open-air trolley service for tourists to points of interest all over Chicago, and one of them was going to this event, so we hopped aboard and had lunch there. It was close to the downtown section of the city, so lots of businessmen and women were having lunch there too.
Boy, were there lots of yummy choices! By the time we had to leave and head back to Union Station, my tummy was so full it was ready to burst!!
Can you google "Chicago" and find which Great Lake borders, or touches, the city?

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