Friday, July 25, 2008

In the Heart of Boston

About 400 years ago, John Harvard gave half of his estate and his library of 400 books to New College, the first college in America. In gratitude, the college was renamed Harvard University. His statue is well-loved by the students of this school because, traditionally, if you rub his foot before a test, it will bring you good luck.
Lots of tourists from all over the world were gathered around Mr. Harvard, taking photos of him, and touching his magic foot! Those are some pretty fancy shoes, don't you think!!

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podos said...

Hola Rex,

Obviously you are traveling. Julie sent me the article from the Advertiser. Grey & I are in Ecuador and wanted chat with you when you get home from your travels. Please email us at Our youngest son is getting married on the north shore in May and we are looking for a place to have the rehearsal dinner and thought you might have some suggestions since you have lived out there for many years. Hello to Bobby and Surf Dog!

Grey & Pam Podorean