Monday, July 16, 2012

A Short Hop into Ventura

While I was visiting the Halley's in Malibu, Queen Elizabeth had her Golden Jubilee.  To celebrate we traveled down from Latigo Canyon to hear Aricia's friend, Jeff, play some English tunes. His band is called The UK Beat. Oh my, did we have fun!  The venue was a quaint, little pub/restaurant in Ventura called the Fox and the Hounds, a perfect London setting.  Almost everyone had an English accent.  They played Beatles, Dave Clark Five, and other songs from a music era called the British Invasion.  About halfway through the second set, Mom just had to jump up and dance.  She couldn't sit still.  I think the song was BACK IN THE USSR.  That's Mom for you!  (But as soon as she was dancing, the whole place was on the floor rocking out!)

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